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I  Dave Fesmire,  a former “Slick” crewchief with the 4 Horsemen Aerolift platoon of C Troop (AIR) 16th Cavalry. Like most, I came home from Vietnam, put it in the back corners of my mind and went on with life. Several years ago I began to wonder what ever happened to the rest of the guys. I was thinking "I'm OK, are they?".

So, what initially started out as a search for my doorgunner and a few other crew members I flew with, has turned into a unit database for us all. I have found, located or at least accounted for well over 600 of us so far.

This page will be for us all. I plan to update it as often as possible. So, eventually, it becomes a place for pictures, stories, and anything else we can think of. Please have patience as we build a place where we can tell "The rest of the story". The job we were given to do. For we believe we did it very well. While some may consider it just more war stories, this is the way it was for us, during our time "Across the Pond".

“Prepared and Loyal, Sir!”     Dave Fesmire,  and this we shall do!!!!

signed Darkhorse Membership.



D Troop (AIR) 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry
1st Infantry Division Phu Loi, Vietnam, October 1965 to March 1970
C Troop (AIR) 16th Cavalry
1st Aviation Brigade

Soc Trang then Can Tho, Vietnam, March 1970 to January 1973


This site is dedicated to the men that served with the above units during the conflict in Vietnam from September 1965 to February 1973, Call sign “DARKHORSE”

If you are a former member of the unit or know somebody who was, please contact via email @ We'd like to know where you are and how you are doing.

Thanks for stopping in to check us out. We would also wish to thank those who provided the images used. We appreciate it Come back and see what changes and improvements we've made.