Site updated 11-12-07



To the members of TROOP D (Air) 1/4 Cav and C Troop (Air) 16th Cav during the Vietnam war, both that I served with and have gotten to know since. WHAT A PRIVELAGE to know you.

As you have noticed, there has not been much activity by me on the site norhave you heard from me regarding the troop. Initially, as usual, I take a month or so down time after a reunion. Then my sister became very ill and passed away on the 1st of Aug. Mom at 90 followed her on the 19th of Aug. I was executor, so that took over my time for awhile. September was spent starting to get my shit back together. But, God has other plans for me instead.

The first part of October I started feeling bad. Mostly like a flu that wouldn't go away. Like most medical people, go to bed, drink lots of fluids, and generally nurse myself back to health. Not happening. Mid October, I finally went to the doc. Diverticulitis, take anti-biotics, drink fluids and
bed rest. Didn't work.

On October 26th a trip to the Emergency Room. I'm delerious, dehydrated, Liver is failing and Kidneys are right behind. Nest thing I know I'm being sent to San Francisco to a specialty unit via Medic unit. UH-OH. After a day or two, they medically get the Liver and Kidneys under control. OK, now let's figure out why this shit happened. Lot's of blood samples, CT scans, Biopsy's, etc, etc. Results are a tumor that is grown on my Vena Cava from my heart to my liver. Evidently been there awhile just decided to start growing all of a sudden.

Anyway, it's so grown in to the vessel, that to try and cut it out would be fatal. Radiation and Chemo would make me worse and is not recommended. YES, I've had more than one opinion from more than one doc, all pretty much the same.

So, the sentence is fatal and I've accepted that. NOW, I've got a couple of choices, I can curl up in my bed here at home, feel sorry for myself and die, or I can take advantage of every day I have left and enjoy my wife/best friend and kids for the time I have left. I chose the later.

Our warrior spirit/ethos says that our days on this earth are written before we are born. I truly believe that. This is the hand I was dealt, therefore I will play it fully. None of the medical folks can or will put a time on it. Days, weeks, months, etc. I will take what I was issued and fully enjoy each one, CONSCIOUS & AWARE of it.Not gorked out in bed here or at some friggin' hospital that "might" work.

So, what can you do? Prayers or whatever are always good and accepted. Keep me in thoughts. And know that I will go to "Fiddlers Green" without fear or remorse.

My cell phone is on, as it the house phone. If I'm up to talking, I will. But, mostly we need to keep this going. What started as wanting to find one or two of you has obviously formed a life of it's own. Russell can only do so much and for now has accepted that challenge. But, as my son, he also wants to take care of Karen and help her through this as well. So, it's up to you guys now. Keep the networking up. Stay in touch w/ each other, make the most of what we have accomplished so far.

We were among the very best in Vietnam. My service with the troop IS my proudist accomplishment.

So, on that note, I close. To my 1/4 Cav family, I remain "Prepared and Loyal" To my 16th Cav brothers, "And Lo, I beheld a Pale Rider"…

I love you all.